Housing Associations

Housing associations provide property to rent in the UK; they may also have property available for shared ownership.

Generally, people housed by housing associations are those defined as being “in housing need”. Housing associations have different criteria and policies depending on your needs and the demand for housing in the area you reside. You need to contact local associations directly to discuss your housing need with them.

Housing associations work closely with local councils when deciding to allocate property.  They offer permanent rented accommodation for people who are in need of somewhere to live and are nominated to their homes through their local council.

You can find out what to expect from them, property information, money information (including how to pay rent), how to get involved and other useful information for permanent rented housing tenants, by contacting them direct.

Housing associations can help you if you’re able to live alone but have found yourself in a difficult situation.

For example they can help if you are:

•on a low income
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•living in inadequate conditions
•residing in conditions that are damaging your health
•suffering from harassment by a landlord or others
•suffering racial harassment
•suffering marital breakdown or domestic violence.

Housing associations are the main providers of new not-for-profit housing in England, with around 3.5 million people living in housing association accommodation. They are also known as registered social landlords (RSLs) or Private Registered Providers of Social Housing (PRPSHs).”

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