Instagram Stories: My Thoughts on Insta’s New Feature

Instagram Stories

I’m not usually one to jump on the band-wagon, but when it comes to anything digital; social media, SEO, marketing resources, you name it, I am all for it! It’s kinda my job to keep abreast of all this stuff, so go figure. However, one thing I don’t tend to do is share my thoughts on said features and new techniques. I usually try something, get a feel for whether I like it or not, then simply keep my thoughts to myself. But today peeps, I want to steer away from my usual habits and simply let you know my thoughts on said new Instagram Stories.Instagram Stories

So, what is this nonsense I’m talking about?

Well, I’m glad you asked. Instagram recently launched a new feature of theirs called, Instagram Stories. Sound familiar to you? Of course, it does. If you’re a user of Snapchat or are at least familiar with the concept of it, then you’ll know this is kinda a copy-cat case of that in some ways.

However this isn’t the first time Instagram has introduced a new feature to us that essentially feels like we’ve accidentally clicked the Snapchat app instead of Insta, but that’s a story for another day. Like what I did there? You didn’t get it, it’s fine.

Anyway, so this new feature by Instagram lets you share your day in pictures or videos, and post them to ‘your story’. All the stories created by people you follow will show at the very top of your feed and all you need to do is click on their profile picture and watch their slideshow (if more than one picture or video has been posted) and enjoy what they’re up to. Adding to the familiarity between this and Snapchat, you can add text to your stories and also draw ‘pretty’ things all over it before publishing.

So why did I decide to write a post dedicated to this new feature?

Well, I’m looking at this from a blogger’s perspective. How is this feature benefitting me as a blogger? Firstly, it doesn’t offer a great deal more (if anything whatsoever) with regards to followers, views or engagement, but it actually solves a few little issues I’ve been contemplating about over the last couple weeks. Let me explain:

I’m an avid user of Snapchat, but this is purely for communicating humorous posts with friends and family. However, I’ve recently wanted to start doing quick and easy un-boxing snaps of my ‘blogger mail’ as it arrives as another medium for my blog’s every growing social presence. The problem? I didn’t want to bombard my friends and family with this but didn’t exactly want to keep switching between two accounts.

You might think, “just post it on your Instagram feed”, but let’s be honest, some of us bloggers have a theme we stick to when it comes to Insta; including pretty looking flat lays and perfectly half-eaten croissants delicately placed on our bedspread with our morning cup of Joe. Therefore, posting amateur-looking videos and snaps of ugly parcel boxes and essentially making a mess as we check out the goods, doesn’t bode well with my feed.

So. The solution is Instagram Stories. All my current followers can still see all this IF they choose to click on my story, but it doesn’t affect the way my personal feed looks! FYI, I recently published a post on how you can take Instagram worthy snaps. Fancy a read?