Property Maintenance Service

Repairs are carried out by the maintenance team of the housing association and are free if the tenant is paying for quality solar panels rent.  However, there will be a charge if the tenant is a leasehold occupant.

Property Repair not only service residential properties, but commercial properties as well.

We are able to offer full repair and maintenance services for any home owner, property manager or landlord. Get in touch.

We can help you maintain and improve these types of properties:-

  • rental properties
  • apartment buildings
  • flats
  • industrial
  • shops
  • pubs
  • offices

To find out more about the services we offer, click here.

Our Services Are Catered For Everybody

We understand that landlords have differing needs, with some wanting to devolve all responsibility with minimum communication, to those who want to authorise everything on an individual basis. We are able to provide all these solutions.

We provide scheduled appointments, reliable and professional tradesmen, and discounts for volume of work.

We also offer extensive roofing services. Our team are expert in installing and repairing EPDM roofs. The reason we specialise in this is because we believe that rubber roofing is the best material available for flat roofs. Click here for more information on EPDM rubber roofs.

These roofs are proven to last 50+ years and can stand to a variety of weather conditions.

Emergency Services

In addition we are able to attend emergencies within the hour, providing a temporary make safe solution until we can return the following day. If you need assistance, get in touch.

This also means that the tenant is able to make one call notifying us of the emergency and we are then able to manage the situation to cause as little stress and inconvenience for both landlord and tenant.